A+ Technical and Supply Features
Aluminium alloys: 
Production:coils or sheets
Sheets and coils standard widths:1,000-1,250-1,500 mm
Maximum sheet width:1,650 mm
Maximum sheet length:6,000 mm; special lengths on request
Sheets and Coils Thickness:0,8 mm to 2,5 mm
Coating thickness:50-60 microns
Surface finish:glossy, semiglossy, matt, metallic, marbled
Protection:UV resistant polyethylene, thickness 70-80 microns
Appearance:no defect at minimum 3 m
Impact Resistance:no cracking at 20 Nm
Bending resistance:no cracking at 1T bending
Scrap recovery:total without disposal
Sheet Flatness:lperfect
Coupling:perfect with doors and windows finishes
Minimum quantity supplied:200 linear meters for each thickness
Delivery time:within 2 working weeks