Founded by professionals with 25 years experience in the field of metals surface treatment, Alucoating uses a modern plant for continuous powder coating of aluminum coils and a line of flattening and cutting-to-size of the finished product .

Alucoating coil coating line provides the following treatment process:
-flattening by 17 rollers sextuple machine 
-coil surface cleaning by means of spray treatment with alkaline and acid products as preparation to the subsequent processing
-conversion by chem-coater with application of advanced no-rinse and chromium free products (titanium and zirconium based)
-electrostatic application of special powders particularly designed for the 
post-bending process
-powder polymerization by radiation
-application of UV-resistant self-adhesive film (transparent or white/black) for the protection of the painted surfaces during the subsequent working and installation steps
The flattening and cutting line allows to perfectly flat the painted coil and to cut it into sheets of the desired length.

All products used are certified.